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Alun Rees

Name: Alun Rees

Supervisor: Professor Tony Arber

Project Title: Synthetic Diagnostics for Laser Fusion Simulations


Experiments in the US and EU are currently trying to assess the feasibility of firing lasers directly at a deuterium-tritium fuel pellet to drive implosion and ultimately initiate fusion. This is all with a long-term goal of developing a laser driven fusion power source. One possible route forward is so called shock ignition. Here the laser power is kept low while the pellet is being compressed, to avoid deleterious plasma instabilities, and then the power is ramped up at the end to drive a final igniting shock. Warwick has a suite of simulation codes for modelling such experiments but these codes have either transport coefficients which are only approximately known or fast kinetic processes which are not directly observable. This project will develop synthetic diagnostics so that the simulations produce output which can be directly compared to the results of experiments. Going further the aim is to use the datasets from experiments in the US and France to see how well these help to constrain the unknowns in the simulations. The more tightly coupled simulation and experimental datasets will help understand more clearly what is happening in experiments and improve our modelling capability for future laser-fusion programmes.

Borrowed from:


MSc in Fusion Energy, York Plasma Institute, University of York, 2017.

MSc Project: "Synthetic VISAR diagnostic for Laser Fusion Simulations"

MPhys (Integrated Masters), Durham University, 2016.

MPhys Project: "Durham Radio Telescope: Measuring the mass of the Milky Way"

Contact Details


Office: PS1.17

Address: Department of Physics,

University of Warwick, Coventry,


Website: Github