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Module 2: Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Module Convenor:

David Lurie

Aims and objectives

To provide the student with a basic understanding of the fundamental physics and methodology of magnetic resonance imaging.


The face-to-face lectures (4 hours) and tutorials (2 hours) will be given at the Kick-Off Training Workshop. The outline syllabus is as follows:

Magnetic field gradientsSelective excitationFrequency encodingIntroduction to phase encoding2DFT image acquisition and data processingBasic MRI pulse sequencesIntroduction to contrast mechanisms in MRI




Successful completion of the module contributes 3 credits (30 hours student effort)

Course Material:

MRI Handout I: Introduction to MRI
MRI Handout II: Contrast and Pulse Sequences
MRI Handout III: MRI in more detail