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Module 3: Magnetic Resonance Theory I

Module Convenor

Dr Ilya Kuprov

Aims and objectives

To provide the student with the basic theory underpinning modern magnetic resonance, including the quantum description of nuclear and electronic spin systems, the density operator treatment, the quantum equations of motion, and the quantum description of pulsed magnetic resonance experiments. By the end of the course the student will understand a variety of basic magnetic resonance phenomena using a quantum description.


A series of 12 weekly (2-hour) lectures delivered over the access grid and at the Kick-Off workshop (3 sessions). The topics include:

Nuclear and electronic magnetismFourier transform spectroscopyTime-dependent quantum mechanicsSpin HamiltonianNuclear spin interactionsDynamics of a single spin-1/2Spin-1/2 ensembleDensity operator and density matrixMagnetization vectorThermal equilibriumHyperpolarizationRelaxationSpin echoesBasics of MRI

The lectures will be supported locally by weekly workshops. Each topic will be supported by simulation examples allowing user interaction.


Successful completion of the module contributes 3 credits (30 hours student effort)

Course Material

All lecture notes and video records are availble here.