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Dr. Ben Green

Research interests

My research lies at the interface between applied physics and advanced engineering, as recognised by my recent award of a five-year Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship. My primary focus is the identification and exploitation of technologically useful point defects in diamond: this is driven through a mixture of electron paramagnetic resonance and coherent optical experiments, with an emphasis on the understanding and control of defects with the potential to act as spin-photon interfaces.

I am part of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Diamond Science and Technology - please see the DST website for a list of current PhD projects. I also work closely with my previous colleagues in the Networked Quantum Information Technologies (NQIT) quantum hub. As part of WP4: "Solid state node engineering", we are developing quantum computing nodes based on optical-cavity-enhanced colour centres in diamond.

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  • J. R. Brandon, I. Friel, M. A. Cooper, G. A. Scarsbrook, B. L. Green, A microwave plasma reactor for manufacturing synthetic diamond material, WO2015193155A1
  • Best Contributed Paper prize at the Rank Prize Fund symposium "Solid State Nano-Photonics for Quantum Science and Technology" (2017)
  • Best Student Presentation at 64th Diamond Conference, Warwick, UK (2013)
  • Corbett Prize for Outstanding Contribution by a Young Scientist, 26th International Conference for Defects in Semiconductors, Nelson, New Zealand (2011)
Ben Green
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