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Invited Keynote Speakers 2019


Prof Ania Bleszynski Jayich (University of California Santa Barbara, USA)

Ania is a Professor of Physics and the Associate Director of the Materials Research Lab at the University of California Santa Barbara, where she holds the Bruker Endowed Chair for Science and Engineering. She received her PhD in physics from Harvard in 2006. Her research interests include quantum assisted sensing and imaging on the nanoscale, diamond optomechanics, and hybrid quantum systems for sensing and quantum information. She is the recipient of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Award, and an NSF Career award.


Prof Mike Ashfold FRS (University of Bristol, UK)

Mike has long standing interests in the experimental probing and modelling of the gas phase and gas-surface chemistry involved in diamond chemical vapour deposition, and in exploring many aspects of excited state molecular photophysics in both the gas and condensed phases. His research has been recognised by several prizes from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), by the American Physical Society (Herbert P. Broida Prize) and by election to the Fellowship of the Royal Society (in 2009). He is a past President of the Faraday Division of the RSC (2009-12) and is a currently a member of the Council of the Royal Society. He is a Senior Visiting Fellow at the NFSC Centre for Chemical Dynamics in Dalian, China


Professor Fabrizio Nestola (University of Padova, Italy)

Fabrizio is at present Head of Department of Geosciences at University of Padova, Italy, where he also teaches Analytical Techniques to students of the third year in the Geology bachelor’s degree. His main research activity is devoted to natural diamond and its mineral inclusions with the final aim to determine the pressure and temperature conditions at which diamonds crystallise. He got his master’s degree in Geology at University of Turin in 1999 and PhD at University of Modena in 2003. He held an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship at Bayerisches Geoinstitut at Bayreuth, Germany (2004) and was post doc at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, USA (2005), before being appointed to a permanent academics position at Padova. Prof. Nestola is author/co-author of more than 240 peer-review papers.

Dragos Axinite

Professor Dragos Axinte (University of Nottingham, UK)

Dragos is Professor of Manufacturing Engineering in the Department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering, Nottingham. He held two NATO Research Fellowships in Italy and Denmark and in 2000 moved to UK to carry out research at the University of Birmingham and subsequently at the University of Nottingham. Dragos is Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineer (IMechE) and Fellow of the International Academy of Production Engineering (FCIRP). Since 2009 he is the Director of the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre (UTC) in Manufacturing and On-Wing Technology. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture. His research interests span all aspects of innovative manufacturing.