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PhD Students

Enrik Nako


Enrik is enjoying a well earned rest before starting his next adventure

Guy Stimpson


Guy is enjoying some well earned time with his children before starting his next adventure

Phil Diggle


Phil now works for the De Beers Group as a Research Scientist

Colin Stephen


Colin continues his research in the diamond group as a post doctoral researcher

Dr. Claudio Vallotto


Claudio Returned to Italy and works in the pharmaceutical industry

Dr. Angelo Frangeskou


Angelo continued to work with the group as a researcher before leaving to Join Lightbox jewelery.

Dr. Sinéad Mottishaw


Sinéad is working for the NHS as a medical physicist

Dr. Ben Breeze


Ben now works at at the University of Warwick as the spectroscopy platform manager

Dr. Matthew Dale


Matthew now works for the De Beers Group as a Research Scientist

Dr. Mika Tamski


Mika is now a research scientist at EPFL

Dr. Christopher Hartland


Chris has become a Patent Attorney at Potter Clarkson

Dr. Ben Green


Ben worked With Element Six Ltd before returning to the diamond group

Dr. Thomas Kai Yip Tam


Dr. Ulrika D'Haenens-Johansson


A research scientist at the Gemological Institute of America Laboratory in New York.

Dr. Stephanie Liggins


Principal Research Scientist at Element Six, Ltd.

Dr. Bianca Bardu


Bianca now is a Analyst at NATO Allied Command Transformation.

Dr. Brad Cann


Works for the De Beers Group as a Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Andrew Edmonds


Senior Research Scientist at Element Six, Ltd

Dr. Robin Cruddace


Author and games developer for Games Workshop

Dr. Claire Glover


Physics teacher



Prof. Junichi Isoya


Dr. James E Butler

(2006/6, 2008 & 2009)

Prof. V Nadolinny


Prof. Michael Baker

I. Aharonovich



Project Students

Ian Gitonga & Gary Foster


Magnetometry with NV centres in Diamond

Rajat Gupta & Cathryn Michaels


Charge state dynamics of functional defects in diamond

Chloe Newsom & Michelle Watson


Engineering Defects in Diamond for Quantum Technologies

Amy Hopper & John Butler


Magnetometry with an ensemble of nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamond

Féodor Blumentritt


High temperature PL measurments of Defect in diamond

Nilaani Jeyachandran & Fazal Hussain


Nitrogen Vancancy defect in diamond for high sensitivity Magnetometry

Andreas Brøgger & Alex Ware


Quantitative Rapid Scan Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

Emma Roberts & Rachel Reeves


Spin relaxation of the silcon vacancy defect in diamond