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Spectrometer booking and logging


Details of available sepctrometers can be found on the EPR and ENDOR Spectrometers page.

If you wish to use the EMX or ECS EPR spectrometers a booking can be made online here EPR Bookings.

Available spectrometers:

1 Bruker EMX Q/X- Band spectrometer

2 Bruker EMX X-band spectrometer

1 Bruker Elexys E580 Q/X-Band spectrometer.

Booking Conditions:

Users are responsible for ensuring that all consumables (e.g. LHe) are pre-booked.

Only recognised and trained users will be allowed to use the instrument.

"No shows" by users who have booked the instrument will result in a reduced booking priority. Failure to leave the instrument in perfect condition after use will result in future access being denied.

Bookings that have not been started within one hour of the booking time become invalid.

Bookings may only be made 30 days in advance. If you require a booking beyond this period contact Ben Breeze.

If you find that you do not require the full time that you have booked, please notify Ben Breeze.

Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in your measurement privileges being revoked.

Please report any problems with the apparatus to Mark Newton or Ben Breeze.