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Maps, directions and miscellaneous information

Contact details

The DNP Project is housed in the Magnetic Resonance Centre at the University of Warwick. The Centre is located in Millburn House, which is within the University Of Warwick Science Park. The street address is:

Magnetic Resonance Centre
Millburn House
Millburn Hill Road
University of Warwick Science Park

However, it is best to use the Physics Department as a postal address for normal mail:

Department of Physics
University of Warwick

Telephone contact numbers for some members of the DNP Project can be found via our Personnel page.

Getting to The University of Warwick

The university is located to the south-west of Coventry, which is in central England.  It is close to the country's system of motorways , two of the countries main railway lines and Birmingham International Airport .  It can be reached from London's Heathrow Airport via a single coach journey.  The following links are of use to anybody wishing to visit us.

Quick references for the above Campus Map PDF:

  • The main Physics building (44) is located in the top right of D4.
  • Millburn house (38) is the large building at the top of F3.
  • Radcliffe House (46) is in C3.
  • The direction of the route to the A45 road is indicated in H2/3.
  • The route from the A46 enters the map in C9.
Visitors to the university can request a permit for the car parks.  Parking outside of term times is usually free, but the car parks can still be busy on certain dates.

Map of Central Campus

Central Campus