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Copy of Electron microscopy Research Technology Platform

These web pages are a guide to the instruments used and maintained by the electron microscopy RTP. They are available for use by any member of the University, although all users must be trained before they can use the microscopes themselves. Due to high demand, there is usually a waiting list for training of several weeks, especially at the start of the academic year.


If you have a research project that would benefit from one of the techniques listed in these pages, but have no experience we can perform some work for you. It is often quicker, easier and better to perform a short trial or experiment, or have some measurements taken by an expert user, rather than waiting to be trained. Please contact s dot j dot york at warwick dot ac dot uk to discuss this.


As a trained and approved user, you can book the microscopes using the online booking system. Initially you will have only be able to book the microscopes for use during working hours (9am - 6pm), but once you have experience you can also use them in the evenings and at weekends.


External users are welcome. If you are an external user, you must also be trained and approved to use the different machines. Use is restricted to working hours, evidence of your insurance must be provided, and a contract must be in place that formalises the terms and conditions of use. Contact r dot beanland at warwick dot ac dot uk for more information.



We also perform work on a commercial basis. You can obtain access through Warwick Scientific Services, or contact r dot beanland at warwick dot ac dot uk.