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Bruker Dimension Icon


The Bruker Dimension Icon is a highly versatile atomic force microscope, suitable for use with a wide range of samples and features a vast array of modes. In particular, ScanAsyst allows users with limited knowledge to quickly collect high quality images and data, acquired using PeakForce tapping.

Various modes allow for topographic, electrical and mechanical measurements to be taken, often simultaneously.

A motorised stage combined with powerful AutoMET software allows for automated nanoscale measurements at user defined locations.


  • X-Y scan range 95 um
  • Noise < 30pm
  • Drift rates < 200pm per minute
  • Automated stage movements

Capabilities (modes)

  • Tapping and PeakForce Tapping
  • Scanasyst
  • Contact mode
  • Phase Imaging
  • Quantitative nano-mechanical mapping (QNM)
  • Conductive AFM (C-AFM)
  • Kelvin probe microscopy (KPFM)


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