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Microscopy Online Booking

Click here to see STATUS OF MICROSCOPY- OPEN TO ALL USERS - All logins for the booking system are disabled and will be enabled individually on request

Faces Scheduling System

We utilise the 'Faces Scheduling System' to manage the usage of all our instruments. This web-based service allows users to book instruments on a first-come, first-served basis. All users are given a unique log-in providing them with access to instruments on which they have been trained. The account is PHYS_MICRO.


Booking Rules

Session blocks are divided into three categories:
DAY TIME - 9am till 6pm - All users
EVENINGS - 6pm onwards - Experienced users only
WEEKENDS - all day - Experienced users only

Final year undergraduate projects have priority booking on certain instruments during the first two terms of the academic year.
Service and maintenance takes priority over all other bookings.
If any instrument is not occupied and in use after the first 15 minutes of any session, it may be claimed by casual users.
No food or drink allowed in the Microscopy Labs.

Users of the Microscopy RTP agree to...........
only use equipment which you have specifically been trained to use.*
Report any faults with the RTP equipment immediately, or should you have any queries you will ask a member of RTP staff otherwise you accept full responsibility for any damage caused to RTP equipment from improper use or poor quality samples
Remove any samples used on the microscopes for disposal in your own lab and not leave them in the microscopy labs.
Read any relevant Risk assessment for the equipment being used and for the room the equipment is in and note any hazards within the space. Risk assessments are displayed in the individual EMRTP lab spaces and on the EMRTP website.


NO Data Sticks

The computers attached to the TEMs, SEMs, AFMs, the FIB, and the Optical Microscopes have been setup to upload to one of 4 servers which should appear in 'My Computer' as a network folder. The USB ports have also been disabled to limit the proliferation of viruses etc between different machines and the servers.

To retrieve data from the microscope you first need to upload it to the network from the microscope computer. You can then retrieve your data from your PC or laptop following the simple process explained here.

External users can be sent a link to download any images they require.