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BBC Midlands Today report July 14th 2016


“Report on Midlands Today (BBC1 18:30 to 19:00) on July 14th 2016”

“Now let’s here from David Gregory-Kumar, our Science correspondent who’s in Warwick.

Well, I’m here in part of the Physics Department here at the University of Warwick and behind me are some very big and expensive machines that are studying all sorts from battery technology through to Alzheimer’s disease and those machines were partially paid for with money from the European Union. In fact, we got more money out of the European Union research budget than we put in as a country and those machines are being staffed by at least half the scientists who are actually from European countries as well. So the big question that researchers in our Universities have for the Government is: What’s going to happen now? Will the government step up and continue to support research in the same way the European Union did and what will happen to those European Union scientists who have come here to make the UK and the Midlands their home?”