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Training and Development


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Transferable Skills

 Modules Completed 

 PG Certificate Website

  • Postgraduate Award (Post Graduate Award Introduction to Academic and Professional Practice) Teaching Award

Part 1 - Completed November 2008

Part 2 - Portfolio submitted March 2010, passed assessment May 2010



  • I spent two years as the secretary of the Physics PG-SSLC and I am now the group rep for Millburn House. I have been a member of the committee since October 2008.

 Physics PG-SSLC Website

  • Teaching: Maths for Scientists example classes for first year Physics students. I have spent two years working as a tutor.
  • Teaching: During my second year I taught two undergraduate BSc project students how to do NMR measurements and analyse the data for their final year project on a set of zinc borosilicate glasses.


Careers Training

  • Physics Careers Seminar 09/02/11


Graduate School Training Courses:


Other Experience/ Activities:

  • 2nd Year Talk 14/06/10 'Solid State NMR Characterisation of Borosilicate Glasses for Automobile Obscuration Enamels' .

 Slides can be seen here.

  • 2nd Year Poster Presentation 10/05/10, I presented a poster titled 'Solid State NMR Characterisation of Borosilicate Glasses for Automobile Obscuration Enamels' .

View the poster here.

  • Presentation at the Postgraduate Seminar Series 11/06/09 'NMR of Automotive Obscuration Enamels - the acid resistance of car windscreens' .

 Slides can be seen here.

  • Marking Classical Mechanics exam papers, Summer 2009.


Project Reviews with Johnson Matthey:

2011 February - Project Review at JMTC

2010 January - Project Review at JMTC

2009 September - Project Review at JMTC

2009 May - Project Review at Warwick University

2008 December - Project Review at JMTC

2008 September - Meeting at JMTC


Visits to the Johnson Matthey Technology Centre to make samples:

2010 August - 1 week; made 14 zinc sodium borosilicates

2009 October - 1 week; made 10 zinc borosilicates and 6 heat treated samples

2009 June - 1 week; made 10 model bismuth borosilicates

2008 December - 1 week; made 5 model bismuth borosilicates and 2 heat treated samples