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Graduate School Training Courses Attended

Year 1

Academic Writing Series

07.11.08 Elements of Structure and Organisation

14.11.08 Paragraph Construction

21.11.08 Academic Writing Style

28.11.08 The Cognitive Domain

05.11.08 PEA Matrix

07.01.09 Reporting: paraphrase, summary and synthesis

14.01.09 How to Write a Literature Review (Sciences)

21.01.09 Grammatical Accuracy

28.01.09 Revision: Editing and Proofreading

30.01.09 Writing for Publication

04.02.09 Managing Research Material

11.02.09 Engaging the Reader

18.02.09 Contextualising Writing

04.03.09 Thesis Structure

11.03.09 Referencing and Plagiarism

12.06.09 Getting Published Successfully 

Research Management

16.01.09 Time Management and Self Motivation

13.02.09 Managing Risk

13.02.09 Developing and Improving Your Memory

27.02.09 Poster Creation and Design

21.05.09 Stress Management

04.06.09 Emotional Intelligence

10.06.09 Speed Reading

Presentation and Communication

05.03.09 Effective PowerPoint Presentations

29.04.09 Assertiveness and Putting Your Case Across

08.05.09 Presenting to an Academic Audience

Research Methods and IT

22.05.09 ePortfolio Training


Year 2

Research Management

13.10.09 Confidence Building

16.10.09 Ideas Mapping

10.12.09 The PhD/Life Balance

21.01.10 Overcoming The Second Year Slump

19.02.10 Working With Your Supervisior  

Presentation and Communication

26.10.09 Networking Skills

25.02.10 Getting The Most Out Of Conferences  

Career Management

04.11.09 Career Planning

25.11.09 Beyond Academia

05.03.10 Introduction To Work As A Lecturer

Enterprise Programme

19.10.09 The Enterprising Researcher