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Moorfield nanoPVD-S10A is a benchtop magnetron sputtering system RF power supplies for deposition of metals or insulating materials such as oxides or nitrides.

3 magnetrons are water-cooled, allowing for high powers and sustained operation, and sized for accepting industry-standard 50mm diameter targets. The vacuum chamber is equipped with Edwards turbomolecular pumping systems for low-contamination operation. Co-deposition is possible, as is reactive sputtering via the gas/pressure control module that support up to 3 process gases.

Chamber access is via a hinged lid, that opens to reveal a stage suitable for holding substrates up to 100mm diameter.

Base pressures <5 × 10-7 mbar

Gases: Ar and N2

Targets: Al, Cr, Co, Cu, NiCr, Ag, Au, Pt, Ti

NanoPVD S10A

Approved users list

User name E-mail Approved on Trained by Supervisor/Manager Group/Department/Company Comments
Maksym Myronov 2018 Moorfield Engineer M. Myronov Nano-Si  
Gerard Colston 2018 Moorfield Engineer M. Myronov Nano-Si  
Alan Burton 2018 Moorfield Engineer M. Myronov Nano-Si  
Mike Crosbie 2019 G.Colston and A. Burton M. Myronov Nano-Si  

A new user training: Mike Crosby and Alan Burton
Technical support: Mike Crosby and Alan Burton

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