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Latest Research Projects

  • H.-L. Kim et al., "Modular thermal Hall effect measurement setup for fast-turnaround screening of materials over wide temperature range using capacitive thermometry", under review.
  • C. Toulouse et al., "Lattice dynamics and Raman spectrum of BaZrO3 single crystals", under review.
  • P. Buchsteiner et al., "Surface resonance of the (2×1) reconstructed lanthanum hexaboride (001)-cleavage plane: A combined STM and DFT study", under review.
  • K. J. A. Franke et al., "Investigating the magnetic ground state of the skyrmion host material Cu2OSeO3 using long-wavelength neutron diffraction", under review. (link)
  • D. J. Voneshen et al., "Kagome modes, a new route to ultralow thermal conductivity?", under review. (link)


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Department of Physics
University of Warwick
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United Kingdom

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+44 (0)24 765 22329
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M dot Ciomaga-Hatnean at warwick dot ac dot uk


A full list of my publications can be accessed here.

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