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Andrew J. Bennieston


I was a Ph.D. student working on detector development at Warwick. My work focused on track reconstruction algorithms for fine-grained tracking detectors such as liquid Argon TPCs. See my talks and publications for more details.


PG Seminar: I gave a talk at the physics department postgraduate seminar series in February 2010. The slides from the talk are available here.

IPRD10: I presented some of the results of this work at the 12th Topical Seminar on Innovative Particle and Radiation Detectors (IPRD10, Siena, Italy). A PDF of the talk I gave is available from the webpage of the conference here, and a local copy is available here.

NPPD11: I also presented an update on this work at the Institute of Physics Nuclear & Particle Physics Divisional Conference (IoP NPPD11, Glasgow, UK). A PDF is available from the Indico page for the conference here, and a local copy is available here.



For the years 2008-9, 2009-10 and 2010-11 I taught 1st year undergraduate physics examples classes. As I shall be finishing my Ph.D. around March 2012, I will not be able to continue this teaching for the 2011-12 academic year.

I also contribute to the teaching of the graduate course in Linux and C++ programming:


During my time as an undergraduate student at Warwick, I undertook a summer research project in which I co-wrote the Pebble Double Beta Decay Event Generator. There is a page with information about this generator here, which includes a download link.

I have also written several software packages for simulation and reconstruction of particle tracks in liquid Argon detectors, as well as a simple light flux simulator. Documentation for these is available on my internal webpages for the detector development group (Warwick log-in required).

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