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Day 6: Advanced and legacy features

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Raw pointers & C-style arrays

We examine the "legacy" features of raw pointers, C-style arrays and how to manually perform dynamic memory allocation. (PDF Document)

Concurrent programming

We look briefly at the features introduced in C++11 that allow a more portable way to write concurrent (or multi-threaded) code. (PDF Document)


We briefly examine how to handle error conditions using exceptions. (PDF Document)

Special Member Functions and Containers overview

We give more detail on the special member functions (copy constructor, move constructor, copy assignment operator, move assignment operator, destructor) and some general discussion of operator overloading (PDF Document) , and then an overview of the other containers available in the Standard Library, including some ideas of when it is appropriate to use each one and how to more efficiently use them. (PDF Document)

Regular expressions and

Random number generation

We take a very quick look at a couple more of the more advanced features of (and in some cases very recent additions to) the C++ language. In particular, regular expressions (PDF Document) and random number generation (PDF Document).