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Quantum verification paper published in PRA


Samuele, Theodoros, and Animesh have published a paper on verification in Physical Review A (DOI: demonstrating an improvement on the existing requirements for schemes to verify quantum computations. Quantum computers are capable of solving certain problems whose scale lies outside that of classical computers. For some of these problems not even the solution can be efficiently checked with a classical computer. While schemes can verify an arbitrary quantum computation with a limited set of quantum operations, the minimum quantum resources to perform such a verification is an open question. In this work authors from the group demonstrate a verification scheme which works with a further reduced number of such quantum operations.

There exist schemes which allow verification by encrypting a quantum computation to make it blind and then introduce trap computations which cannot be distinguished from the real computation. Blindness allows a user with limited quantum powers to enable a third-party to complete a quantum computation without being able to find what the computation was. Through either preparation of a few states or measurement in a few bases such schemes for blindness are known within measurement-based quantum computation. Previous verification schemes built on the existence of blindness require additional quantum resources for the verification procedure. In this new work authors from the group demonstrate that such cryptographic verification does not require any additional quantum resources over those required for blindness. By introducing two trap computations they demonstrate a verification scheme which works with either trusted state preparations or trusted measurements without needing any resources beyond those required already for blindness.

Wed 22 Aug 2018, 10:50 | Tags: Publications