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CCP5 Workshop 8 July 2010

Particle Adsorption at Soft Interfaces

A one-day CCP5 workshop on particle adsorption at soft interfaces was held at the University of Warwick on 8th July 2010.


The deadline for registration was 25th June 2010.


You can view some photos of the lunchtime poster session here.

Workshop Scope:

The adsorption of nanometre-sized particles, including nanoparticles, polymers or dendrimers and proteins, at soft interfaces is central to a number of emerging technologies; adhesion at air-water and oil-water interfaces potentially provides an elegant method for the preparation of dense, ordered nanoparticle structures, and the modification of interfacial properties by the adsorption of nanoparticles may be used to stabilise micron-scale structures such as nanoparticle-armoured fluid droplets or phase-arrested gels. Knowledge of the interaction between lipid membranes and nm-scale particles, is also central to understanding many biological processes, such as membrane protein insertion and the action of microbial peptides, as well as assessing the potential use of nanoparticles in applications including drug delivery and medical imaging, and addressing issues of nanotoxicity.


Widom-Rowlinson interface

Despite the wealth of experimental work in this area, theory and simulation have an important role to play in the study of these systems, in particular in the investigation of molecular level details that are difficult to probe experimentally. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers working in this area, to discuss recent developments in methodology and applications, share ideas and consider future directions.


  • Andrew Archer, University of Loughborough (abstract)
  • Fernando Bresme, Imperial College London (abstract)
  • Andrey Brukhno, University of Leeds (abstract)
  • Paola Carbone, University of Manchester (abstract)
  • Sara Fortuna, University of Warwick (abstract)
  • Adam Law, University of Hull (abstract)
  • Sergey Lishchuk, Sheffield Hallam University (abstract)
  • Kevin Stratford, University of Edinburgh (abstract)
  • Matthew Turner, University of Warwick (abstract)


David Cheung (david dot cheung at warwick dot ac dot uk), Rebecca Notman (r dot notman at warwick dot ac dot uk) and Mike Allen (m dot p dot allen at warwick dot ac dot uk), University of Warwick