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Warwick Week Flavour Physics Lectures

These lectures, hosted at Warwick, are given to all first year PhD students in particle physics at several UK institutes.

Previous years course material and recordings are also available: [2020]

Reading Material and Course Overview

Lecture 1 - Flavour in the Standard Model

Lecture 2 - Mixing and CP violation

Lecture 3 - Measuring the CKM parameters

Lecture 4 - Flavour Changing Neutral Currents

Meson Multiplets

These images were made using python's matplotlib library for the flavour physics lecture course.

If you use these please give me the appropriate credit. If you spot any mistakes please let me know!

Spin-0 MesonsSpin 1 mesonsSpin 1/2 baryonsSpin 3/2 baryons

Spin 0 mesonsSpin-1 Mesons

Spin-1/2 BaryonsSpin-3/2 Baryons