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A gravitational explanation of Quantum Theory

This is a bold and unconventional approach to a grand unification of Physics. The aims of the programme are:

  • Explain quantum theory
  • Unify General Relativity and quantum theory
  • Predict the spectrum of elementary particles
  • Predict and explain particle properties

To date the work has made some remarkable achievements:

  • Proof that in principle general relativity can explain quantum theory. See my first paper for a very formal proof, for a simpler explanation see the Cairo talk.)
  • Identified time-reversing spacetime manifolds as critical structures for the emergence of quantum phenomena.
  • Explained the origin of spin half transformation properties of fermions.
  • Explained the relationship between the existence charge and spacetime topology.

This is a new theory not an interpretation. It makes a number of distinct predictions that could be tested:

  • General relativity is purely classical - there is no graviton
  • Spacetime has just the four dimensiosn that we know.
  • Parity is conserved
  • Time reversal invariance may be broken to a small degree (due to the expansion of the universe setting asymmetric boundary conditions.

My work offers an explanation for quantum phenomena in terms of classical general relativity. Far from being incompatible the two great theories of the 20th century are shown to be closely related. Quantum theory gives clues to the small scale structure of space and time through the EPR experiments (see: Fine, Arthur, The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Argument in Quantum Theory, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy  for a description) and the Kochen Specker paradox (See: Held, Carsten, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy for a good description). In return general relativity can account for the strange effects seen in quantum theory.

The crucial link is a relaxation of the strict causal structure that is normally imposed upon Einstein's theory, but which forms no part of the mathematical structure. This controversial work contrasts with the mainstream view that the theories are incompatible - with the favoured remedy being to discard general relativity and replace it with a quantum theory of gravity.

A more detailed account of my work and the achievements to date can be seen in my paper from Cairo 2005 Extending Einstein's Ideas.