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For those of you who are out of touch, here is a recent holiday snap of the whole family.

Sorry we can't find a signle decent picture (we only took 500!)


Mark works at the University of Warwick as an administrator in the Physics department - although I would really like to be a lecturer. If you have a keen interest in quantum theory and General relativity then my web site is a must. Otherwise best to avoid it.

Karen also works at the University (I was here first) as an analyst in the finance systems team. Karen does not have a web page.

Simon is now 19 and is in his first year at Sheffield University. He is studying (or to be more precise he is enrolled for) English language and Linguistics. Simon has his own web pages but the least said about them the better.

Zoe is 17 (nearly) and is in the Sixth form studying Geography, DT and Biology (plus a bit of maths). Zoe has a pet hamster called chuckles.