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Maps and Directions

The party is at our house:

4 The Pastures, Dog Lane Napton SOUTHAM CV47 8LT

Tel: 01926 817684

Warning: Mobile phone reception is not possible at our house.

We are here:[See Map]

  • Nearest town: SOUTHAM
  • Nearest Railway stations are: Leamington (10 miles) is the most convenient. Also Rugby (13 miles) Coventry (20 miles) Banbury(15 miles)
  • Buses: minimal your best chance is to get a 63 or 64 bus from Leamington Spa to Napton, only a few go right throught to Napton, but if you can get as far as Southam, it might be worth giving us a call to see if you can be collected.
  • Nearest Airport: Coventry (if that counts), Birmingham International (25miles)
  • Nearest Canal: Oxford (half a mile) Grand Union (half a mile)


  • From 3 The pastures: Turn left
  • From Hatties Meadow turn right
  • Elsewhere in Napton: work it out from the map
  • Not sure where Napton on the Hill is? see road map
  • Still not sure? we are on the third planet from the Sun (the bigger, colourful one, not the smaller grey one)