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A Warwick Thesis Template


There is a Latex style file for use with Latex2e or pdfLatex which sorts out a thesis for you. Mainly it does the front pages in the correct order with the correct information on them. Margins and spacing are set as per the regulations. One of the best features is a smart looking front page with a Warwick Crest on it (most people will only look at the first page - so this is a key feature).

A neat innovation is that the library copyright form is also created. The University puts this as the first page so it is well worth having a neat one. It now uses the new corporate style and new logo files. If you like the Warwick Crest you will love this, displayed large and in full colour just as it should be. Plus optional Use of Latex acknowledgement included. it works well with TexWorks as supplied onthe Warwick delivered applications

The University rules are specified on the graduate school web pages under presentation of your thesis.

Latest addition (July 2014) the library form is now properly integrated, with new .tex and style files

(Jan 2014) file library_form.pdf is now available as the approved library declaration form, it is not yet properly integrated into the tex files.

(Feb 2010)A text height of 8.5in is now the default with options for longer pages. Onehalf spacing is emphasised as the correct way to get a double spaced thesis, that conforms with all rules.

(August 2009) Renamed warwickthesis. Setspace package is now used for line spacing to remove incompatibilities with the rotate package and possibly others.

(January 2009): Thanks to Professor John Rawnsley in Mathematics, the files have now been adapted to work with either Latex or pdfLatex using .eps or .pdf figures respectively. (I personally use MikteX on a PC). He has also fixed the page numbering problem and centred the front pages better.

(December 2006): The bibliography commands have been constructed using natbib packages to give a Harvard style of references which conforms to the University regulations. (unsorted numerical references are allowed but not recommended for large documents). I found this quick reference. The natbib style is powerful and flexible - to use more of the features, or if you are really interested, you can consult the natbib documentation.

You will need a few files:

  1. The Style file warwickthesis.sty (35kB) for Latex2e, which is probably best put with other Latex macros and forgotten about.
  2. A Template file warwickthesis.tex (10kB) which you should copy into your working directory and edit. It serves as both a template and an instruction file.
  3. There are two logos: crest_fullcolour.eps(572kB)and the_warwick_uni_blue.eps (194kB) which are used on the front page. Copy them into either your working directory or to the Latex macros directory. Note that explorer may rename the .eps files as .ps ones, in which case you should rename them as .eps For pdfLatex use the pdf images crest_fullcolour.pdf and the_warwick_uni_blue.pdf
  4. There are also black and White versions, crest_black.eps (72kB) and the_warwick_uni_black.eps (62kB) with corresponding crest_black.pdf and the_warwick_uni_black.pdf
  5. For the bibliography you need natbib.sty and plainnat.bst . If these are not on your system, you should be able to get the latest versions from the tex-archive
  6. The library decalration form is now generated by latex, but you can take it as a separate form if you wish direct from the library.
  7. sample.bib will be needed to get the wnewthesis.tex to compile and show references properly.

The simplest option is to put the files into your working directory where Latex will find them automatically. If you want to be professional then you should put them with other .bst and .sty files in their own folder, and then update your package library. The files, excluding natbib and library form, are all bundled together in one Zip file

Let me know about any problems or suggestions and I will do my best.

Warning: there may be problems with older natbib packages so the link above is now to the repository.

Known issues:I have had problems with the blue Warwick logo and the dvips2pdf command in Miktex2.7. Using pdflatex aviods this problem altogether. Otherwise you will have to rename the image files so that it calls up the_warwick_uni_black instead.