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PhD Studentship on ATLAS

A PhD studentship is available on the ATLAS experiment at CERN with the University of Warwick Particle Physics group. The PhD project will cover two areas:

1) Higgs boson analysis: In July 2012, ATLAS and CMS announced the discovery of a new boson with a mass of around 125 GeV. It is now of utmost importance that we establish whether this particle can decay to two tau leptons since so far evidence of this decay has not been established and this is what we are collaborating on in Warwick. The next steps after this will be to begin to measure the coupling of this new boson to several other particles (e.g. W, Z) by analysing the production of the boson in association with other particles. The project for the student will be to develop techniques for separating these signatures from background processes by developing trigger strategies to look for them or by developing multivariate analyses (such as Boosted Decision Tree or Matrix Element analysis).

2) Trigger: Warwick ATLAS is involved in two aspects of the trigger. A) The muon trigger forms an important part of almost all ATLAS analyses and we are responsible for evaluating the efficiency of the trigger, comparing measurements of this in data and Monte Carlo, and evaluating the systematic uncertainties on these quantities. We are also responsible for developing the use of the isolation variable in the trigger. B) The "trigger menu" defines which triggers are to be deployed during data taking, and how that list should evolve under varying operating conditions. The project for the student would involve responsibility in one of these key areas.

Contact Dr Sinead Farrington with enquiries: