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Royal Society Exhibition: Understanding the Higgs Boson

In July 2013, Warwick and 17 other UK universities participating in the search for the Higgs Boson at the LHC collaborated on a successful submission to the Royal Society's Summer Exhibition. Sinead Farrington, leader of the Warwick effort on the ATLAS collaboration at the LHC, along with Ogden Trust Teaching Fellows Ally Caldecote and Emilio Jimenez-Roldan, organised Warwick's contributions. Several Warwick group members went to the Royal Society to talk to the public and Fellows of the Royal Society about what the Higgs Boson really is.

Test your knowledge of the Higgs boson with this quiz.

And read about Warwick's involvement in this story. This is an expanded version of an article Sinead wrote for the booklet handed out at the exhibition which describes the UK contributions from building the detector, through to developing the theory and making the measurements.

We are grateful to the University of Warwick's Faculty of Science for contributing to the funding of this exhibition.

Some pictures of Warwick group members at the Royal Society (Sinead Farrington, Michel Janus, Michal Kreps, Tim Martin):