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Gala Dalgety

How did your journey into Physics begin?

I’ve always been curious and might just try something out if I thing the results will be interesting. I study physics so that I can get praise for these experiments instead of getting in trouble.

What is your favourite thing about your research area?

I enjoy how practical my research is... lab time is figuring out solutions and playing with equipment until something works (or breaks) while feeling like the work itself is contributing to something more.

Why do you think it is important to highlight Women in Science Day? What does it mean to you?

Anyone can be a physicist if they put their mind to it and women in science day allows our achievements to be acknowledged and for us to inspire young women who have the potential to be brilliant physicists. This is a step towards breaking down old stereotypes about what physicists look like so that it can become a more welcoming and inclusive subject.


Gala Dalgety

Gala Dalgety