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Key information in brief (more details are in the newsletters and emails linked above)

  • All supervision meetings, upcoming Annual Review meetings, and vivas should take place online, ideally via Microsoft Teams (other platforms are available if this one is problematic).
  • Supervision meetings should still be recorded in Tabula to meet monitoring points.
  • Bi-monthly reports should still be submitted to Tabula as normal.
  • Students arranging vivas are strongly advised to appoint an examination advisor.
  • Theses should be submitted remotely via the following link:
  • Tier 4 students returning from temporary withdrawal should resume studies overseas where possible, emailing the department to confirm this and submitting the confirmation through the Student Records "Resumption of Studies" form. If overseas studying is not possible, students should request an extension to their temporary withdrawal through Student Records.
  • Tier 4 students studying overseas or away from Warwick do not need to submit a "Chage of Study Location" form through Student Records as normal, but should inform the department of their location.