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Internal Seminar: The Language Experience and Development Project – how short-term priming leads to long-term, Dr Leone Buckle

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The Language Experience and Development Project – how short-term priming leads to long-term learning 


Children’s language closely reflects their recent and long-term experiences of language. Within conversations, children often repeat the words and sentence structures that their partner has just used; children’s vocabulary and grammatical development subsequently reflects the diversity and complexity of their caregivers’ language. In this talk, I will present a series of ongoing studies exploring how children’s short-term experiences with language facilitate their linguistic development across different contexts. Experiments 1 and 2 assess priming of noun phrase structures (adjective noun: a blue cat vs relative clause: a cat that’s blue) and verb phrase structures (actives: a cat chased the dog vs passives: the dog was chased by a cat). Both experiments test three kinds of priming effects: immediate, cumulative and long-term across two testing sessions a week a part. Experiment 3 uses syntactic priming methodology to investigate the role of input modality in children’s experienced-based learning of passive structures. Given the prevalence of online learning over the last year, this experiment explores whether children show differential learning effects during a video call depending on whether or not the experimenter providing the speech input is visible. I will also provide a brief overview of Experiments 4 and 5 which examine children’s ability to generalise to new linguistic and non-linguistic contexts.  

For more details to follow, or if you are interested in giving a talk, please contact Dr Jesse Preston

"This departmental talk series is a good chance for us to gather as a group, and to hear about some of the cool work that is being done by colleagues in the department. Presentations are fairly low-key. These may be a lab-style presentation with discussion, or a more formal talk. Any PGR or post-grads who wish to give practice talks, this is your opportunity to do so! "


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