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Internal Seminar: "Open Science Practices", Dr Barbora Siposova

Location: H5.45

Title: Open Science Practices

Speaker: Dr Barbora Siposova

 Given the replication crisis in psychology, there is a strong push for ways to improve our research practices, and increase reproducibility and replicability. In this talk I will introduce a variety of skills and practices that help researchers engage in open science. I will discuss transparency in the developmental science, reproducible workflows, multi-site collaborations, online developmental data collection (e.g., 'LookIt' - MIT Early Childhood Cognition Lab’ project) and sharing data (e.g., Databrary). I will then share my experiences with pre-registrations and registered reports and address their benefits as well as challenges. The goal of this talk is to introduce open science principles that can be easily implemented into our everyday.

Please contact Internal Seminar co-ordinator, Dr Jesse Preston to arrange a slot:

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