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The work of Psychology graduate Charlotte Wharton on "Manipulating the psychological distance of climate change" has been recognised with a special commendation in the Jonathan Sime Award. Read about Charlotte's work here.

Congratulations to @WarwickPsych’s Charlotte Wharton who’s final year project (supervised by Dr Jesse Preston) on "Manipulating the psychological distance of climate change: key dimensions and their effects on various mitigation behaviours" has received a special commendation from the @SurryPsych’s Jonathan Sime Award. Read an abstract of Charlotte’s project here: . In memory of Jonathan Sime, this is an award to recognises a significant contribution to the field of people-environment research in an undergraduate dissertation. #climatechange

Tue 20 Oct 2020, 11:31 | Tags: other

Take a look at the brilliant posters our second year students have been working on

The PS216 poster presentation took place on Friday, 6th March 2020. Our second year students have created some really brilliant posters for display.
It was not easy at all for our judges (Professor Derrick Watson, Head of Department, and Liz Farmer, representative of our OHD team) to pick the winners. After much agonising, they have decided on the following:

The 3 prizes for “the most eyecatching poster” go to: (in no particular order)

Does Smoking affect False Memory by Zainab Haider, Shanzeh Rizvi, Noraiya Akthar, Kiran Shahid and Ebony Wynter

Effect of Mother’s and Father’s Helicopter Parenting on University Student’s Wellbeing by Athena Cheung, Kayleigh Elias, Andrea Garcia Llorens, Lucky Haytov and Sara Sheikh

What Does Doodling Do? by Destiny Cotton, Eunice Wong, Mary Ahsan, Jasmine Chan and Yasmine Sit

The 3 prizes for “the best poster pitch” go to: (again, in no particular order)

Winning Red: Replicating the Effect of Wearing Red on Sporting Performance for Male and Female Football Teams by Ben Crange, Priyashobana Jeyakumaran, Dinusha Kulathas, and Abigail Taylor

Investigating the Relationship between Carotenoid Coloration and the Perception of Health and Attractiveness in Humans by Tara Justin, Cat Mason, Abbey Parker, Gracie Sheppard and Tanya Yau

How Generous Are You? By Rebecca Kingston, Emma Leach, Alex Norris, and Orla Pembroke

Very well done! Congratulations to all students and supervisors.

Thu 12 Mar 2020, 10:40 | Tags: other

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