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Anita Lenneis

Anita Lenneis


Research Interests:

My PhD roughly is about disentangling the relationships between sleep, personality, and health.

One of my projects is on how chronotype (also referred as morningness-eveningeness) and social jetlag (mismatch between biological and social clock) can be predicted by self-and observer reported personality traits and facets.

I am also interested in experience sampling studies using smartphones. Ahuti Das, Dr Sakari Lemola, Dr Anu Realo, and I have been running five batches of a 14-day experience sampling study from October 2017 to March 2018. I am especially looking into factors influencing sleep quality, the stability of chronotype, and the change of mood throughout the day. Sleep quality was also measured using actigraphs.

I am also part of the Student Mental Health and Resilience in Transition (SMaRT) initiative where I was involved in focus group discussions, data analysis, report write-up, and the organisation of a dissemination event. To get further information about the SMaRT initiative, please take a look at our website.

One of my research hobbies is changing behaviours using nudges and small interventions leading to more sustainable behaviours. I am part of the Warwick Behavioural Insights Team trying to reduce food waste on campus.


I am also a teaching assistant of the third-year cross-cultural psychology module and I am supervising first year research projects. I am also working towards gaining the Higher Education Academy (HEA) Associate Fellow qualification.

Contact Details

Professor Anu Realo
Dr Sakari Lemola