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Alexandra Surdina

Alexandra Surdina


Research Interests:

My main research interests lie in the areas of moral psychology and computational cognitive science. In my PhD, I use decision experiments and computational models to study how humans make moral decisions in an uncertain world. The main research questions I am currently interested in are: * When deciding what to do, how do we combine our respective set of different, occasionally conflicting, moral values? * How do we infer values and intentions of other people? And how would we infer values and intentions of artificially intelligent agents? Understanding the way our moral values play together will bring us a step closer to computational level models that exhibit similar functional and observable properties as human moral judgment, and can capture and ultimately predict human moral behaviour. Combined with knowledge of value attribution in humans, this paves the way to the design of artificially intelligent systems that are recognisably beneficial.

Contact Details

 Professor Adam Sanborn (Department of Psychology)
Jim Smith (Department of Statistics)