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Daniela Kramer-Moore MA MEd DSc (Visiting Lecturer)


Counseling psychology, family therapy, drama- and biblio-therapy, group dynamics and group facilitation, conflict resolution, empathy training, clinical interviewing, genograms.

Representative Publications:

  • Kramer-Moore, D. & Moore, M. (2006). Positive conflict resolution: A workshop in multi-cultural empathy training. New York: Solomon Press.
  • Kramer-Moore, D. (2003). Overcoming political strife: A case study based on training Jewish and Arab educational counselors. International Bulletin of Political Psychology, 15(1).
  • Kramer-Moore, D. & Moore, M. (2002). Life imitates art – Encounters between family therapy and literature. New York: Solomon Press.
  • Kramer, D. & Moore, M. (2002). “Women are the root of all evil”: The misogyny of religions. The Secular Web.
  • Kramer, D. & Moore, M. (2001). Family myths in romantic fiction. Psychological Reports, 88, 29-41.
  • Moore, M. & Kramer, D. (2000). We are too weak to walk unaided: A family therapist view of the pathogenic aspects of prayer. Modern Library.


Room No: H008


Email: D dot Kramer-Moore at warwick dot ac dot uk