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Eva (Yiwen) Liu

Eva Liu 


Research Interests:

Around 1-2% of all births in the general population are classified as very preterm (VP; <32 weeks gestation) or very low birth weight (VLBW; <1500 gram). Previous studies have found an association between being born VP/VLBW and having adverse later life outcomes such as more mental health diagnosis, lower self-esteem and having more introverted, neurotic and risk adverse personality types. However, little research has been done on investigating the mechanisms underlying these relationships.

My research is focused on addressing two key questions on how VP/VLBW birth affects long term outcomes:

  1. Does being born VP/VLBW have an impact on later life outcomes (mental health, self-esteem, personality)?
  2. What are the mechanisms – whether brain abnormalities or exposure to environments – that link VP/VLBW birth to adverse future outcomes?

To address these questions, we will investigate the relationship between VP/VLBW birth and risk of mental health and other psychological outcomes in adulthood, as well as identifying potential moderators/mediators that could explain this relationship.

This research is carried out in collaboration with the RECAP project, more information can be found here:

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