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Elizabeth A. Maylor, BSc PhD DSc (Professor)

Elizabeth Maylor



Cognitive changes in normal human ageing.

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Representative Publications:

  • Badham, S. P., Sanborn, A. N., & Maylor, E. A. (in press). Deficits in category learning in older adults: Rule-based versus clustering accounts. Psychology and Aging.
  • Hardy, S. M., Messenger, K., & Maylor, E. A. (in press). Aging and syntactic representations: Evidence of preserved syntactic priming and lexical boost. Psychology and Aging.
  • Maylor, E. A., & Badham, S. P. (in press). Effects of time of day on age-related associative deficits. Psychology and Aging.
  • Colloff, M. F., Wade, K. A., Wixted, J. T., & Maylor, E. A. (2017). A signal-detection analysis of eyewitness identification across the adult lifespan. Psychology and Aging, 32, 243-258.
  • Mantantzis, K., Schlaghecken, F., & Maylor, E. A. (2017). Food for happy thought: Glucose protects age-related positivity effects under cognitive load. Psychology and Aging, 32, 203-209.
  • Badham, S. P., Poirier, M., Gandhi, N., Hadjivassiliou, A., & Maylor, E. A. (2016). Aging and memory as discrimination: Influences of encoding specificity, cue overload, and prior knowledge. Psychology and Aging, 31, 758-770.
  • Mitra, S., Doherty, N., Boulton, H., & Maylor, E. A. (2016). Age-related reversal of postural adjustment characteristics during motor imagery. Psychology and Aging, 31, 958-969.

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Supervisor to:
Konstantinos Mantantzis