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Marion Coumel

Current research

In my PhD, I use syntactic priming in language production (speakers' tendency to reuse a syntactic structure they have recently been exposed to) to investigate language processing and learning in adult first and second language speakers. In a first set of lab-based and online studies, I am testing whether the same mechanism supports syntactic priming in both groups of speakers and how this phenomenon is influenced by individual differences in attention, motivation and proficiency. In a second strand of my PhD, I am implementing syntactic priming activities in classrooms and in online chat interactions to test whether they support second language learning in various environments .

Supervisors: Katherine Messenger, Ema Ushioda

Submitted / available pre-prints
  • Coumel, M., Ushioda, E., & Messenger, K. (submitted). Between- and within-group variation in first and second language syntactic priming. PsyArXiv. (Open access PDF available here).
  • Coumel, M*., Hardy, S. M.,* & Messenger, K. (submitted). The art of conversation: How do we communicate successfully? Submitted to Frontiers for Young Minds (pre-print available upon request). *Shared first authorship

More information

You can find more about my research on:

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R Ladies Coventry

With Sophie Hardy, I am the co-founder and organiser of an R Ladies chapter in Coventry. R-Ladies is a worldwide organisation set up to promote diversity in the R and coding community. We host regular (online) meet-ups in the form of workshops, flash presentations, discussions, tutorials and much more.

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