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Marion Coumel

Current research

Syntactic priming in language production is speakers' tendency to reuse a syntactic structure they have recently been exposed to when formulating their own sentences. In my PhD, I am examining how language processing and learning via syntactic priming varies between and within groups of speakers. In particular, I am comparing the strength of priming effects in first vs. second language speakers and analysing the effect of individual differences in attention and motivation on syntactic priming (preprint available). I am also investigating which task characteristics can influence L2 learning via syntactic priming (OSF preregistration) and whether syntactic priming activities implemented in classrooms and in chat-based interactions foster L2 learning (OSF preregistration).

Alongside my PhD research, I am running an online syntactic priming experiment with Merel Muylle (University of Ghent), Katherine Messenger (University of Warwick) and Robert J. Hartsuiker (University of Ghent) to study the nature of L2 speakers' syntactic representations at various proficiency levels (OSF preregistration). I am also comparing English Language Teaching practices in Sweden, Austria and France using self-report questionnaires (article) and teacher interviews with Alexandra Schurz (University of Vienna).

Supervisors: Katherine Messenger, Ema Ushioda

Journal articles
  • Coumel, M*., Hardy, S. M.,* & Messenger, K. (in press). The art of conversation: How do we communicate successfully? To appear in Frontiers for Young Minds (PDF). *shared first authorship
  • Schurz, A., & Coumel, M. (2020). Grammar teaching in ELT: a cross-national comparison of teacher-reported practices. Language Teaching Research. doi: (Oasis summary)
Book chapter
  • Schurz, A. & Coumel, M. (accepted, preprint). Instructed EFL learning in Austria, France and Sweden: Hearing teachers' voices. English Language Teaching in the European Union: Theory and Practice across the Region, Springer.

Work in progress

  • Coumel, M., Ushioda, E., & Messenger, K. (under invited minor revision). Learning multiple L2 syntactic structures via chat-based alignment: What is the role of learners' prior knowledge and conscious decisions? OSF preregistration
  • Coumel, M., Ushioda, E. & Messenger, K. (under review, preprint). Second language learning via syntactic priming: The effects of modality, attention and motivation. OSF preregistration
In preparation
  • Coumel, M., Ushioda, E., & Messenger, K. (Preprint). Between- and within-group variation in first and second language syntactic priming. PsyArXiv. OSF preregistration
  • Coumel, M.*, Muylle, M.*, Messenger, K., & Hartsuiker, R. J. (in prep). The role of explicit memory in early L2 syntactic development: A structural priming study. *shared first authorship OSF preregistration 

  • Coumel, M., Groß, C., Sommer-Lolei, S., and Christiner, M. (in prep). Acquiring phonological awareness in the L2: The role of musical expertise, singing abilities and phonetic aptitude.

  • Schurz, A., Coumel, M., and Hüttner, J. (in prep). Teachers’ perceptions of out-of-class English and methods applied in-class: A comparison of Austria, France and Sweden.

More information

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