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Marta Wesierska

Marta Wesierska


Outline of work:

My main research interests focus on investigating how children who speak two languages develop their language and reading abilities as well as the relationships between their two languages. I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working with dr Katherine Messenger and professor Ludovica Serratrice on a project investigating cross-linguistic influence and shared syntax in the language development of bilingual Polish-English children. Previously, I have completed my PhD at the University of York where I investigated the language and literacy profiles of young Polish children learning English as an additional language in the UK school system. I have also worked on projects researching children’s literacy and numeracy development at the University of Sheffield and the University of York. In addition to second language acquisition and reading development my research interests also include attitudes towards fluency disorders.

Contact Details

Representative publications:

  • Węsierska, K., St. Louis, K. O., Wesierska, M., & Porwoł, I. (In Press). Changing Polish University Students’ Attitudes Toward Cluttering. Journal of Fluency Disorders.
  • Lewis, C. A., Bahnmueller, J., Wesierska, M., Moeller, K., & Göbel, S. M. (2020). Inversion effects on mental arithmetic in English- and Polish-speaking adults. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 73(1), 91–103.
  • Wesierska, M., & St. Louis, K.O. (2018). Postawy polskich i angielskich studentów logopedii wobec giełkotu i osób zmagających się z tym zaburzeniem (in English: Attitudes of Polish and English SLT Students Towards Cluttering and People Who Clutter). In: Zaburzenia płynności mowy (in English: Speech Fluency Disorders), Eds: Katarzyna Węsierska with collaboration of Katarzyna Gaweł. Publisher Harmonia Universalis: Gdańsk, Poland.
  • Wesierska, M. (2017). A comparison of phonological processing abilities of EAL Polish children with their native speaking peers. Forum Logopedyczne, 25, 97-108.
  • Wesierska, M., & St. Louis, K.O. (2016). Cluttering Attitudes of SLTs and SLT Students in the UK. Proceedings of the 2015 International Fluency Congress – Lisbon, Portugal, chapter XXVII, pp.5.
  • St. Louis, K.O., Sønsterud, H., Junuzović-Žunić, L., Tomaiuoli, D., Del Gado, F., Caparelli, E., Theling, M., Flobakk, C., Nesbakken Helman, L., Heitmann, R.R., Kvenseth, H., Nilsson, S., Wetterling, T., Lundström, C., Daly, C., Leahy, M., Tyrrel, L., Ward, D., & Wesierska, M. (2016). Public Attitudes Toward Stuttering in Europe: Within-Country and Between-Country Comparisons. Journal of Communication Disorders, 62, 115-130.
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  • Wesierska, M. & St. Louis, K.O. (2014). Comparison of attitudes towards stuttering among Polish and English university students. Chowanna, 42(1), 263-284.