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Event Posters

Poster 1: Experiences of the Annual Health Check Process amongst People with an Intellectual Disability

James Bodel

Poster 2: Perceptual Processing and Views on COVID-19

Lauren Stothard

Poster 3: Understanding developmental changes in the ability to hold abstract syntactic representations, using a syntactic priming task.

Megan Davey

Poster 4: The impact of social distancing policies on the language development of children from diverse SES backgrounds

Laura Whitlock

Poster 5: Explorative secondary analysis: Exploring the differences of child-directed speech in daily infant routines' communicative settings

Sophia Quach

Poster 6: Black Women's Experiences of Cultural Awareness in Secure Psychiatric Settings

Adele Gordon


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Poster 7:"Transition was something that happened to me rather than something that I took part in- Partners' Navigation of Military Transition

Naimh Grace

Poster 8:What are the Lived Experiences of Intimate Image Abuse in Adults? A Multiperspectival Approach of Victims and Those who Support

Emily Geissler


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Poster 9:Who Am I? Constructing an Identity After EUPD Diagnosis and Hospitalization

Chloe Davison


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Poster 10:Framing effect of house-edge and return-to-player warning labels on behaviour in
a gambling task

Sophie Law-Clucas


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