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Mental defeat predicts suicide risk

Check out our new paper published in the Journal of PainLink opens in a new window on mental defeat and suicidality. This is our first publication based on data collected for the WITHIN study. We thank our staff and research participants for their invaluable contribution!

Results from this prospective cohort study suggest that mental defeat is a significant predictor of increased suicide risk among patients with chronic pain, along with depression, perceived stress, head pain, and active smoking status. These findings offer a novel avenue for assessment and preventative intervention before risk escalates.

Mon 31 Jul 2023, 17:56 | Tags: suicidality, paper, chronic pain, WITHIN

New paper on suicidal thoughts and behaviour in chronic pain

A new paper on suicidal thoughts and behaviour in chronic pain published in Pain Medicine (the official journal of the American Academy of Pain Medicine) is now available for viewing. The paper is a result of our collaboration with the UPenn team led by Dr Martin Cheatle and can be downloaded here .

Thu 20 Apr 2023, 09:25 | Tags: suicidality, paper, chronic pain

WITHIN in Canada

The WITHIN team attended the 2022 World Congress on Pain, in Toronto, Canada, during the last week of September. We got to present our latest findings and talked to colleagues and friends from different parts of the world about research. It's been a wonderful experience all round.

Wed 05 Oct 2022, 13:39 | Tags: suicidality, Talk, chronic pain, WITHIN

15th World Congress on Pain

Dr. Tang gave a talk on pain and suicidality at the 15th World Congress on Pain in Buenos Aires. The topical workshop was organised by Dr. Martin Cheatle from U Penn and Dr. Lynn Webster, Vice President of Scientific Affairs.

Thu 09 Oct 2014, 21:59 | Tags: suicidality, chronic pain, conference, seminar

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