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Schools Outreach Programme

At Warwick, we believe university should be an option available to all
and not just a few.
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Outreach activities at Warwick Psychology aim to support and encourage students of all ages in their pursuit of science education. We are passionate about sharing the best of what we do in our department with the wider community, communicating our enthusiasm for psychology as a whole.


Who's involved?

Dr Liz Blagrove heads up our outreach team, comprising academic and support staff, and students (at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels). Our undergraduate Psychology Society plays a particularly important role; volunteering their time to interact on a one-to-one basis in schools, giving talks about their expereinces or taking part in larger scale events.

What do Warwick Psychology Outreach do?

We participate in national and local outreach programmes, and are delighted to be invited to liaise with local schools/colleges and other organizations. This enables us to demonstrate, at first hand, what makes psychology such a fascinating topic.


If you would like more information about our activities, or would like to make contact to discuss a potential event, please contact us at :



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Meet Dr Liz Blagrove:
Liz Blagrove

My main areas of interest as a psychologist include cognition (especially, visual attention), emotion and face processing. I’m also fascinated by how humans develop and the ways in which we can take what we know about behaviour from the psychology lab and apply it in the ‘big bad world’ beyond.

More importantly, I’m enthusiastic about communicating this love of psychology beyond my research (and even my teaching) - sharing it with anyone who would like to learn more about how human behaviour and science combine ...

Work Experience

work experience
We are currently updating our work experience scheme. Please check back here for information soon, but in the meantime, send an email to
and include a copy of a your cv!