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Psychology in the Real World

University of Warwick

Department of Psychology 2021/22

Module Code:


Module Name:

Psychology in the Real World

Module Credits (CATS):


30 CATS Psychology & GSD / Philosophy & Psychology

30 CATS Outside option

Module Convener

Elisabeth Blagrove/Olga Feher

Module Teachers


Module Aims

To provide an examination of a range of current topics, issues and debates in Psychology. This module will present cutting-edge research in the lecturers’ own areas of expertise, giving students insight into the most dynamic areas in the field of psychology.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module, students should be able to:

  • Evaluate current research in psychology;

  • Show a critical awareness of empirical methods in psychology;

  • Interpret data and their theoretical implications;

  • Integrate data from several areas of psychology;

Assessed by:

100% Exam only (24 CAT)

80% Exam & 20% assessment (30 CAT)

Module Work Load

Module Length

24 Weeks


One 2-hour session per week (20 weeks), consisting of combined lecture/seminar. One 1-hour session per week (4 weeks).




Attendance at lectures is compulsory

Module Assessment

Assessed work:

Assessment 1

Assessment 2


10% (30 CAT)

10% (30 CAT)


24 CAT

30 CAT




Module Programme

Due to the nature of the module and the desire to ensure module content is dynamic and reflects expertise in the department, the outline is only an example and is subject to change each year.

Term 1

Week 1 Introductory session

Week 2 What is Free Will?

Week 3 The Dark Side of Information Evolution

Week 4 Learning to Talk

Week 5 Disordered Eating

Week 6 Birds & Babies

Week 7 Studying Sudden Social Change & Disasters

Week 8 Memory in the Wild

Week 9 Why Eyewitnesses Fail

Week 10 Psychology of Ageing

Term 2

Week 1 Social Development & the Family

Week 2 Friends & Enemies

Week 3 Forensic Psychology

Week 4 Neuroscience of Visuo-Motor Control

Week 5 Positive Psychology

Week 6 Disorder of Sexual Development

Week 7 Dognition

Week 8 Cognitive Neuropsychology

Week 9 The Moral Mind

Week 10 Preparing to revise

Term 3

Week 1 Revision

Week 2 Revision

Week 3 Revision

Week 4 Revision

Module Reading List

Readings are specific to each lecture and assigned accordingly.