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Language and Cognition

University of Warwick

Department of Psychology 2019/20

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Module Name:

Language and Cognition

Module Credits (CATS):


Module Convener

Sotaro Kita

Module Teachers

Olga Feher, James Adelman

Module Aims

The aims of the module are to investigate cognitive processes that underlie language, decision making and problem solving.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module, students should be able to:

  • think about language, communication, problem solving, concepts and categorisation in terms of cognitive processes
  • understand and explain key findings from the fields of psycholinguistics and cognitive science
  • discuss key problems in explaining language and cognition
  • describe methods of research on language and cognition
  • critically evaluate theories of language and cognition and their supporting evidence

Assessed by: coursework (short answer questions) (20%), essay (20%) and exam

Module Assessment


Assessed work: Coursework

Assessed work: Essay





Module Reading List

We will not have a textbook that we will follow throughout the module. Assigned readings are journal articles, and chapters of various textbooks, and will be given out at the same time as the corresponding lectures.