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Methods in Psychology II

University of Warwick

Department of Psychology 2020/21

Module Code:


Module Name:

Further Methods in Psychology

Module Credits (CATS):


Module Convener

James Adelman

Module Teachers

Adriano Lameira

Module Aims

The course covers both conceptual issues, such as knowing when to apply a particular technique, and practical issues such as knowing how to carry out the technique using statistical software. The module content will help you when you read journal articles to properly evaluate the claims they make, as well as when you carry out your own research. Specific aims are:

  • To prepare students to carry out psychology projects in their second and third year.
  • To meet core training and accreditation requirements in psychology.
  • To teach students how to analyse and present data gathered in a medium-scale psychology project
  • To familiarise students with issues affecting the soundness of evidence in psychological research

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module, students should be able to:

  • to explore a data set and systematically test hypotheses about the data
  • to evaluate the suitability of data for analyses and understand techniques to attenutate problems of data quality
  • to present the results of data analysis clearly and concisely
  • to understand methodological issues that affect internal validity
  • to understand and discuss basic ethical considerations relating to psychological research
  • to perform and report some qualitative analyses

Assessed by:

Homework worksheets, qualitative assessment and final test.

Module Work Load

Module Length

10 Weeks


One lecture per week


One practical statistics sessions in certain weeks. You must attend the sessions to which you are assigned.

A methods laboratory will be available for individual advice at specific times in certain weeks. Please note that the course convenors are not normally available for consultation outside these times unless either (a) an appointment is made in advance, or (b) contact is made by electronic mail.


Attendance at lectures and seminars is compulsory

Module Assessment


Assessed work:

Homework Sheets



Assessed work:

Qualitative Assessments


Assessed work:

Final Test


Module Reading List

Howell, D. C. (2008). Fundamental statistics for the behavioral sciences (6th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth. (or a more recent edition of this text) Brace, N., Kemp, R., & Snelgar, R. (2006). SPSS for Psychologists. (3rd Edition). New York: Palgrave MacMillan. Howell, D. C. (2007). Fundamental statistics for the behavioral sciences (6th ed.). Belmont , CA: Thomson Wadsworth . Pallant, J. (2007). SPSS survival manual. Buckingham: Open University Press. Tabachnick, B. G., and Fidell, L. S. (2006). Using multivariate statistics (5th Edition). Needham Heights , MA: Allyn & Bacon.