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Psychology modules as an outside option

Are you considering taking a Psychology module as an outside option?

Options depend upon your course year. In Psychology, you should usually take the appropriate year modules and you must have agreement from the module convener. 

Please note that there may be a limited capacity on some modules. We ask that you register your interest with us as well so that we can ensure that there is capacity for you. Please complete the form at as well as registering through the University module registration system

The following year 1 Psychology modules would be available to 1st or 2nd year students IF the module convener agrees.

The following year 2 Psychology modules would be available to 2nd year students IF the module convener agrees.
PS201 Individual Differences
PS210 Language & Cognition
PS211 Perception, Planning, & Action
PS218 Developmental Psychology
PS219 Psychobiology
PS220 Social Psychology

If you are not sure about CATS weighting or Assessment type, speak to the department
Assessment types are standard – Warwick Students should not use VA or AO types (VA is only for Incoming Study Abroad students. AO is audit only and does not attach credit)


  • Module registration open from 1 week before term until week 3 of term
  • You can attend modules in the first weeks of term on a ‘try out’ basis to help you make up your mind
  • Much better than trying to catch up after having missed several weeks because you have changed your mind!
  • Module convenors are here to help – do ask questions!