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Big Bang 2018 Volunteer Information and Feedback

Thank you very much for volunteering to be part of Warwick's contribution to the Big Bang 2018, we are really reliant on our volunteers to create a good experience, and are hugely grateful for you giving up your time. If you haven't already done so, please make sure you read our information for volunteers, and after the show, please complete the below feedback form.

The presentation made at the volunteer briefing is also available for reference.

We will be giving out 'Thinking About Science' brochures to pupils (one for pre-GCSE and one for pre-A-level/university) in 'goody bags'. These contain lots of information on science careers linked to subject areas, so you should find them sufficient for fielding questions. Reference copies will be available at the fair.

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Your name and department will be recorded as part of your submission so assist in ensuring that feedback has been collected from as many volunteers as possible; no details that identify you will be used when the data is reported.
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