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Draft programme: UK civil law; epidemiology and statistics in personal injury cases.

Day 1 21/03/24    
Time Activity Speakers (tbc) Topic
09:30 Registration   Participants will provide a one page summary of their background and interests
10:00 Coffee   Early birds can meet others or read primers on statistics for lawyers
11:00 Welcome Jane Hutton, Neil MacKenzie KC  
11:15 Introductions All One minute on background and most important topic
11:45 Presentation His Honour Judge Teague KC Interactions between statistical and judicial reasoning
12:30 Presentation Scottish solicitor, or Central Services Scotland A legal practioner's view of statistical experts in personal injury cases.
13:00 Lunch    
14:00 Presentation tbc Challenges in proving causation - an epidemiological perspective
14:45 Discussion All List the main issues arising from first talks, choose case studies
15:15 Case studies Four groups of six to eight people Critique of example expert witness reports.
16:15 Refreshments    
16:45 Feedback Four nominees. 10 minutes per group
17:30 Break    
18:45 Dinner   Further discussions.
21:00 End of day   Most likely further discussions in suitable surroundings
Day 2      
09:00 Presentation Prof Tim Cole Age assessment in unaccompanied asylum-seeking children
09:45 Presentation   A legal academic point of view on evidence
10:30 Refreshments    
11:00 Presentation Professor Jane L Hutton Statistical concerns: data sources, quality and analysis; communication challenges
11:45 Discussion Four groups of six to eight people Topics arising from case studies and further talks.
12:45 lunch    
13:30 Presentation Professor Niamh Nic DaƩid FRSE Overview of Royal Society, Royal Society of Edinburgh judicial primer
  Presentation Dr Amy Wilson Overview of Inns of Court College of Advocates and RSS advocates primer
14:15 Discussion Groups of six to eight people Evaluation of primers, recommendations for updates.
15:15 Presentation   Overview of workshop from a legal perspective
16:00 Discussion All Plans for future work
16:30 End