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CRiSM seminars 2005 Sep-Dec

September 19th (at 2pm)
Cristiano Varin (University of Padua)
Composite marginal likelihood inference

October 20th
Steffen Lauritzen (University of Oxford)
Coloured Graphical Gaussian Models

October 27th
Gareth Roberts (University of Lancaster)
Exact and computationally efficient likelihood--based estimation for discretely observed diffusion processes

November 3rd (at 3.30pm)
CRiSM presents Statistical MTV


November 9th (at 4pm in S0.13, Social Sciences Building)
Alex McNeil (ETH Zurich)
Joint CRiSM and Warwick Business School Seminar
Self-exciting models for extremes in financial time series

November 14th (at 4pm in MS.05, Mathematics and Statistics Building)
Nigel Stallard (Warwick Medical School)

Statistical methods for clinical trials with treatment selection

November 17th
Joint CRiSM and Centre for Scientific Computing Seminar
Darren Wilkinson (University of Newcastle)
Bayesian inference for nonlinear multivariate diffusion processes, with application to biochemical network dynamics

November 24th
Eddie McKenzie (University of Strathclyde)

November 28th (at 5.00pm in S0.20, Social Sciences)
Joint CRiSM and Econometrics Seminar
David F. Hendry (Nuffield College, University of Oxford)
Resolving Five 'Intractable' Problems by Automatic Model Selection

December 1st
Vern Farewell (MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge)
The emergence of medical statistics: A little bit of history